201 Easter3

Brayden came running towards Marshal and his Mom. 

" I found the money egg in our section of the yard. Think Crystal told everyone to let me find it. Marshal did you do the same things like today when you were a kid?" Marshal looks at him and nods answering him. 

"Sure did, today is not much different then when I was a kid. In fact it is almost three Aisling will be announcing dinner any minute. Then after dinner we get to do more fun things. There will be a game of baseball ,riding the motor bikes, riding horses or fishing. Then just before dark we will make s'mores . It can be kind of boring since it's what we always do. " Brayden looks at him as if he has two heads. Thomas announces the winner of the egg hunt it is Tannis. Aisling giggles and asks Sam what would Tannis like for her prize. Tannis tried to grab a bow out of the prize box. Everyone laughs at the little baby. Marshal calls out 

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