200 Easter2

All the way home from church Crystal tells Brayden what to expect . 

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"So did find your basket yet?" Brayden looks at her puzzled 

"Why do I need to find it ? It's always beside my bed when I wake up." He tells her not sure why she asked. Crystal looks at her hands not sure if she wants to talk anymore. Remi notices and explains to Brayden. 

"We have a tradition that the Easter bunny hides the basket and you have to look for it. Crystal didn't even try to find hers this morning since she was excited to go to church. Maybe you can help her look?" Brayden looks at Crystal's sad face and elbows her. 

"Hey don't pout,the Easter bunny doesn't hide my basket because we move around to much and I might not find it. I will help you find yours if you like." Crystal smiles brightly at Brayden and nods vigorously. 

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