80 Dreams of lost memories2

Astila arrives back at the house, going upstairs he takes his suitcase to grab his pajamas. He wants to shower and try to sleep. Without realizing it he goes straight to a room. As if he has been going to this room for a long time. He sits on the bed to try to think about what his dream at the hospital was about. Laying down on the bed he falls asleep. He sees a girl her appearance keeps changing first she is the girl he found unconscious. Then she is a Cherokee dressed in clothes from the time of trail of tears. Then a stunning blonde dressed in pre colonial. Who is this woman who changes so much.

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Back at the hospital Aisling is still unconscious her family sitting next to her. In truth she is laying beside a beautiful stream remembering a time before. She sees all of her ancestors before her each coming to tell her their story. First comes Willow she had a twin die at birth. She is a waif like girl. Very quiet in speech.

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