152 Dream dating

Remi runs downstairs find Moll,Aisling or Maureen she needs to ask them about her accidentally going into Yona's dream. She looks everywhere but can't find them anywhere. Getting her coat on she walks down to find the Uncles maybe they know. She hears them chopping wood so she yells for them. Turning towards her they stop their work. She hands them a thermos of hot chocholate . Shyly she broaches the subject . 

"So Inola you said Moll visited your dreams for years before you met her? How exactly does that work?"

he thinks for a moment and starts to explain.

" I'm not exactly sure how it works but I know you can enter anyone's dream that is open to it .Why?" 

she answers him honestly. 

"Well earlier when I was sleeping after my session. I visited Yona's dream while he was sleeping on the plane. So I was thinking that maybe if I visit him while he sleeps I won't miss him so much." The two start to laugh and tease her.

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