119 Doorway honeymoon

After all the guest leave and it's just those who are staying in the house. Inola lets them know it's time for them to leave. Instead of heading out of the house they head to the sitting room. Yona is confused as to why they would be going to the sitting room. Inola looks at his nephew and grins.

" I told you we would not be going far. " They watch as Moll pushes the symbols that opens the doorway. Turning to her husband she asks.

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"You never said what time of year you want it to be. " he thinks a moment and tells her to make it spring time. She smiles and finishes the cycle to open the way. With a slight push of the last button the doorway opens. Moll moves away and they see the inside of the cabin.

Yona looks at them in awe.

"Is this why you were worried when Aisling fell ill? This is why you thought she had gone somewhere else." Astila nods at his brother. Moll wanting to share everything with them.

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