99 Debra’s nightmare

That night Debra has some very troubling dreams. She is in the park with her friends. She sees Aisling babysitting. Her friends want to go eat so she walks over to take the money. The strangest thing is that she is watching herself take the money. Confused she shifts in the chair. Finally, she goes into a deep sleep. Not knowing what is about to begin.

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She is in Aisling's room ironing shirts and her Dad comes in.

"Aisling I need these also for tomorrow. Make sure they are clean and ironed. I'm getting paid extra so do a good job." She walks over and takes the clothes to the basement to wash. Passing through the kitchen Dude and Debra are getting a snack. Neither speak to her nor even acknowledge her. She gets the laundry started and heads back upstairs. They made a big mess in the kitchen. She figures she will clean it in the morning. Heading up to finish the first basket of shirts. She meats Debra on the stairs.

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