31 Daniel house

The federal agents arrived at Daniel's house it was a little shanty just across the bridge from Harpers Ferry in Maryland. It was very unkempt broken down. Walking into the house the smell of rot and decay hit you like a brick. The agents were expecting to find a body because of how bad the house smelled. It was just the food and garbage that looked like it hadn't been taken out for years. Directing the team to start searching the house they sit up between the 5 rooms of the house. For the most part the house was just filthy and inhabitable. The room that was in the farthest back was clean spotless in fact. Looking through it they found wallets and jewelry. Looking through the wallets they found photos and drivers license of his victims. I another area of the room very meticulously laid out were pictures of each of his victims. He had made a shrine to them. He kept bones from them with him in his hideouts but made a shrine in his home when he could not be near the bodies of his victims. They tag and bag everything up . They have him on all accounts. They also have the means to contact the families of the victims now. Just as they start to clean up and collect the evidence they see a suitcase under the bed. Inside the suitcase is money. This money dates back from as early as the late 50s under the money is several wallets with different licenses. They are all the same photo just different names. Taking out his phone the federal agent makes a call. Giving the information to the other agent on the phone they bag up everything and head out. When they get back to the station they get everyone running the identities on the license to find victims families. A call comes in from the main office.

" the information you gave was from a cold case from the late 50s early 60s . There were a series of bank robberies and murders in Massachusetts. We were never able to recover the money or catch the culprit." She informs him.

"I think we may have retrieved the money. The culprit died 5 years ago In Maryland. I think he was he grandfather of our perpetrator. He may have been the one to teach him how to stay under the radar. " I will bring the evidence tomorrow when I head back. " he hangs up and goes to see about the only body they have no information about . Heading out to the medical examiners office he leaves everything in his teams hands.

When he shows up at the examiners office the Dr looks at him.

" please don't tell me you found more bodies?" The man looks like he wants to scream from the extra work he has had from this case.

" no actually I hope we have found them all. I want to know about the oldest body we found?" He sits in the chair opposite of the Dr. " that one is from about seventy years ago ,male possibility in his mid thirties. There is cut marks on the neck bones you found. Based on the scraps of clothes that was found he must have been a trapper of some sort . The clothes were buckskin . The beading was real turquoise. Do you know who we need to release that body to?" He asks him.

" yes I think the family that lives on the property maybe distant relatives. I'm sure they would be willing to take care of it . I will go by and talk to them. " with that he gets up shakes the MSN's hand and thanks him for all he has done .

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Driving back to Aisling's house the agent thinks about this case and how that girl seemed to be able to know what was happening even though she was not directly involved. Wondering if maybe she was physic. She seemed to have the mannerisms of one. If so he owes her a big debt of gratitude. She made this case easier to close and put the man behind bars. Pulling up to the house he gets out and steps onto the porch. The air smells of a roasting turkey and something else. He sees smoke coming from the lake area. Walking towards it. He hears chanting and singing. Walking into the clearing he sees them burning the ground inside the lake. Walking over to the commander he taps him on the shoulder.

" what are they doing!" He looks at the three native Americans and Aisling . They are chanting while the ground burns.

" they are cleansing the ground where there was so much death. Before the water can be put back into the lake . They are releasing the spirits of the dead. " he tells him with great reverence and no doubt of what they are doing.

" I knew it ! I knew she was physic . I knew that was why she knew things that she could not have. But why does it always smell of roasting turkey?" He asks very seriously.

" oh that it's the safe and rosemary. They cleanse the air and get rid of negativity. You know they have actually done studies that it actually does purify. I was surprised that all of her little quirks actually had scientific evidence for them. " the commander looks lovingly at his niece. You tell how proud he is of her even if he doesn't understand everything. Looking at the agent he asks

" why are you here by the way?"

" we think that the older body that was found. Was the body of the medicine man you told us about. It fits the time and gender. We want to know if your family would be willing to claim the body and give it a proper burial !" He watches the ceremony for. Few more moments.

" of course Aisling would insist on it." They make the arrangement to go claim the body the next day.

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