220 Crystal helps Dude

The house is quiet, everyone sleeping peacefully. In Dude's room, he is drenched in sweat and burning up. His breathing is labored and shallow. In the midst of his dream, he hears a voice calling him. 

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"Uncle Dude, it's ok, I'm here with you ." It's a Childs's voice; he knows it, but the flames are all around him, and he only hears the roaring of the fire clearly. In the midst of the flames, he sees Crystal standing with her arms reaching for him. Feeling his heart racing at the sight of Crystal, Dude begins to panic and trying to get to her. He begins calling her to that he is coming for her. Dude scoops Crystal up in his arms and rushes out. Panting, he sits with her on the ground, holding her close, whispering to her. 

"Are you ok, please be ok, Crystals?" 

Crystal pulls slightly away from him and places her hands on his cheeks, looking at him, wiping the tears from his eyes. 

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