222 Crystal helps Dude 3

Onacona goes into Dudes room and starts to search his things for the coin. Since Moll is pregnant and Maureen is nursing William Inola and him will take care of the spirit. Onacona walks into the room he lights the herbs in the rooms dish. Allowing the smoke to fill the room he begins to meditate so he can feel the energy trail. Opening his eyes Onacona sees the smoke hovering around Dud's duffle bag. He goes over and starts to look through it. In the side pocket he finds a bag of coins. Dumping it onto the floor Onacona looks for the silver coin. Inola is down by the lake he has the fire almost ready for the coin. When Onacona touches the coin it's ice cold, then as he holds it he can feel the anger emitting from it. As he walks towards the lake Onacona's body begins to feel feverish. He knows it's because of the coin and the energy it holds. By the time he gets to Inola Onacona can barely walk. 

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