180 Crystal defends Yona

the group heads back towards the house, they stop on the way to ask the ferry masters son to fetch Onacona. The boy will go on the next ferry. the group head to the boarding house. Aisling can feel the difference in the house as soon as they arrive. The house doesn't feel as restrictive, their crystals are responding to the house now. Where before because of the spell that was on it they couldn't work. .Macha is in the Garden they watch as she goes inside the door to the cavern. Going up to their rooms Aisling begins to pace thinking to herself. wondering if they will be ok if they will make it back to their time. Astila comes over and takes her hand and sits her on the bed. Holding her close he asks. 

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"what's wrong why are you pacing?" Kissing her forehead reminding her he is there with her. 

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