159 Concert time

Aisling was feeling a little down still over Eliza . To her it's so sad that a life was taken even if it was just an accident. Knowing that she was able to crossover happy warmed her heart. She sighed looking at the dresses that Maureen packed they all are maternity dresses. She has only a small belly still despite having twins. Hopefully the clothes will not look to big. She takes her time putting on her make up and looks at the Asian style satin dress. Shrugging her shoulders she puts it in. She is surprised that even though it's a maternity dress it hugs her body in the right places while hiding her stomach. The deep green and gold of the dress makes her eyes sparkle. She looks stunning even to her own eyes. Smiling at her self in the mirror she takes a deep breath and walks out to greet her date. 

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