209 Commander comes home

they arrive at the Baghdad base for debriefing, after hours getting checked out at the hospital . The unit is questioned about their capture. They are spoken to individually as to see if there are any discrepancies in their stories. Once the interviews are over they are allowed to be flown home . Astila goes to see Ahmed before leaving. not sure what to say to him but wants to leave with no loose ends . Arriving at Ahmed's house Astila knocks on the door. His wife answers and just hugs him tightly. Astila heats Ahmed clear his throat so his wife moves to let him in. 

" I didn't want to leave without seeing you. I wanted to make sure you are ok." Astila tells his friend . Ahmed's wife looks at  Astila and asks. 

"Ahmed said you saw our daughters body , did it look like she had been tortured or had been in pain?" Astila looks at them and tries to think of what to tell her. 

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