211 Commander ‘s trials

When Morrigan and Uktena leave , Aisling and Moll go to get breakfast leaving the others to talk. Remi and Yona take Crystal to pick up Brayden for school. HeJin came to the kitchen with a sad look on her face, looking like she is about to cry. Moll goes over and hugs her and tells it's ok to cry. Walking HeJin outside Moll lets her cry till she is ready to talk. 

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"What are we to do if he becomes violent? He is trained in all forms of combat from marshal arts to weapons. He has been trained since a small child, how to track and hunt. I have never been afraid before but now hearing what has been said I am. My husband is a kind and loving man but he is also a deadly weapon. He has always kept a tight rein on his temper, because he knows to do so could leave someone dead. If he hurt anyone that he loves he would be devastated. He may never get over the guilt. "

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