213 Commander’s trials 3

The men arrive at the house just as Aisling and HeJin we're setting the table . HeJin anxiously looks at her husband . He is too quiet and looks exhausted. No brusises or cuts other than the ones from his mission. So he must have not fought with anyone. Steve walks over to his wife and wraps his arms around her, soaking in her warmth. Kissing her cheek he takes a seat. 

they have a wonderful meal laughing and teasing with each other , all except Steve . He has barely talked since coming back from their hike. After saying good night to everyone Steve drinks the tea Aisling made for him goes up to bed. HeJin  goes to follow him and he stops her.

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" I'm sorry , I know except for when I was on deployment ;we have never slept apart . Tonight I need to be alone , I don't know what I might dream and do not want to accidentally hurt you. " he slowly with his head lowered walks up the stairs. 

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