117 Christmas morning 2

Around lunchtime, Steve and He Jin faced timed to say merry Christmas to everyone. Letting them know that John would be bringing them their gifts. They apologized to Inola and Moll for not being able to come in for the wedding. Not long after John arrived bring lots more presents.

"Here are your gifts from Steve and He Jin, they wanted you guys to open them today instead of last night. Oh and Your Aunt Norma says she will bring hers tomorrow when she comes for the wedding. That she would rather attend the wedding. She said you would understand. "

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Aisling helps him hand everyone their gifts.

"Yes, I know when it's cold it's hard for her to get out. I'm just happy she will make it tomorrow. " Aisling gets her auntie and uncle a cup of chocolate and they sit to open their gifts. Yona and Salali were not expecting gifts but everyone received something. There is a letter from them.

My darling family

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