113 Christmas Eve

Yona gets back to the house and Salali is making his cake. He comes up behind her and gives her a tight hug.

"Just know I love you, sis. I'm grateful that you are my sister . " he turns and walks away before she can say anything. She turns to look at him kind of puzzled. He doesn't show his emotions often so she is wondering what's up with him. Yona heard the laughter coming from outside he looks out the window. He is watching the children playing in the snow. Inola is helping some of the smaller ones make snowballs for a fight. While a few are sledding down the hill. This reminds him of when they were small. His mom helping him make snowballs for throwing at his dad. He really misses them at times like this. He sees the little girl from breakfast she is sitting on the porch crying. He goes out to sit with her.

"Hey what's wrong?" He asks her while wiping her tears.

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