110 Christmas 4

Aisling wakes up at around three in the morning to start preparing for the day. She goes down and gets the fresh bread mixed and rising. Biscuits are in the oven sausage and bacon frying. Pulling out the ingredients for huckleberry and honey cake. She gets a small sugar baby pumpkin from the cellar to make a pumpkin cake. At around seven her aunties arrive. When her aunt Charlie comes in Aisling give her a big hug. Holding onto her a little longer to let her know all Is forgiven. Charlie begins to cry with relief that her niece doesn't hate her. Aisling kisses her cheek and wipes her tears. John walks in with his wife. This is their first meeting since the incident. She wanted to stay home but it's a holiday and Aisling insisted that she be there. Aisling walks over to her. You can see her tense up afraid that Aisling may ask her to leave.

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