108 Christmas 2

When they awake in the morning it looks like about a foot of snow had fallen. The men go out to shovel the drive while the women prepare breakfast. Aisling asks Debra if she surprise is ready for Christmas Day. She nods. Salali is curious so they take her up stairs to show her.

"You know that Aisling has never really allowed anyone in the attic. Well I found a trunk with a large letter M on it. When I opened it look what was inside. "

There in front of the window is a deep blue satin dress with white lace and pearls on the cuffs and neckline. Debra pulls a small box from the trunk a pair of marching shoes are inside. There is a sapphire headband with a matching necklace with earrings. Salali smiles at how beautiful it is. Looking at them she knows they are up to something.

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