45 Cats out of the bag

They all look at her as if she had two heads. How and when did she meet him? How long was she not going to introduce him? How dare she get engaged without approval? Aisling knows these questions are coming. She also knows that they won't ask them until Debra is home and resting. So that will give her a few days to figure out exactly how to tell her father's family why they know nothing about what's been going on. As well as a few in her moms. Looking at Astila Aisling mouths sorry. He just gives her a quick kiss and goes back to check on Debra. When he leaves several of her family come up and start asking her questions. She decides to invite them over when Debra gets home to tell them all the stories. That will also give them a chance to get to know him better. Sam comes over and tells her he is going back to her house. He doesn't want to leave the twins all night. He knows that they are in good hands but they need at least one parent with them. Aisling decides to stay with Debra. So once they have her settled in a room she goes and gets settled with her. Astila and Curtis told the nurses that she needed to stay with her sister. They also have special instructions for the nurse to help Debra with pumping her breast since she has been nursing. They do not want the complication of fever setting in her breast from not being able to empty them. When Astila leaves the hospital Aisling was already asleep in the reclining chair. Once home he calls the commander to give him an update and to tell him Aisling said yes. He also decides to ask him about the family he met in passing tonight.

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"The only ones you need to worry about is her dad's sisters and one brother. The rest will be fine. They all have a soft spot for her. The only reason you haven't met them yet is that Aisling didn't want them to know anything about Daniel. If not for that situation you would have met them already. She loves her Aunt Norma dearly but does not like to worry her. So she keeps things from her. Since she couldn't introduce you and your family. Without exposing everything she just stayed away. Don't let them give her to hard a time though. Most of his family live a good distance away. So no worries there. The cousins don't care who she loves as long as they are good to her. If you let them know that we are close. They will respect that and accept you a little faster. " he now at least has an idea about what to expect. He says good night and hangs up the phone. Looking at his bed he sighs tiredly. It's only been a short time and he misses Aisling. He is half tempted to go back to the hospital just to see her. How is he going to sleep?

Aisling lays in the recliner pretending to sleep. Knowing that Astila won't go If she is awake. She really doesn't want to let him go but knows he must be tired after performing surgery. Looking at her sister knowing how close she came to possibly lose her. Makes her want to cry. Thank goodness they came home when they did. Getting up and walking to the bed. She touches her sister's cheek making sure she was fever-free. Kissing her forehead. She goes back to sit in the recliner. Looking at the window up into the night sky. Aisling decides to have a heart to heart with the big guy.

"Heavenly Father thank you so much for my sister. Without her, I would be lost most days. She brings me joy and has always given me encouragement. I thank you for my huge family without them. I do not know where I would be. They always are there for me even when I don't know I need them. Thank you, father, for sending Astila to me. ThankYou for giving him the skills to save my sister. Mostly and mist importantly thank you for loving me and keeping me safe. Amen." By the time she finished praying Debra woke up and was calling for her.

"Aisling I need water can you ask if I can have some please?" Aisling smiles at her and gets up. She walks to the nurse's station and asks if Debra is allowed water. The nurse informs her no but she can have ice chips. So Aisling gets a cup and goes back to the room to help her eat a few. Within a few minutes, Debra is back to sleep. Aisling looks out the window wondering if she will get any sleep tonight. It's only been a short time but she missed Astila. Wondering if he is asleep yet. Wondering if he and Sam are ok with the twins. Debra slept most of the night even though the nurses coming in and emptying the various bags she had from surgery. Aisling was relieved that they were able to give her medicine to dry up her milk. It would be difficult for her to produce good milk for the twins. By the time she would be home they would be used to the formula. Aisling hopes she will be awake longer the next day. She wants to be the one to tell her that she is getting married. She can't trust the family to not say anything.

Sam stays awake most of the night. The twins are missing their mama. He knows he will be able to get some rest before visiting hours the next day. The aunties will be back in a few short hours. Then he can rest awhile. He wants to call Aisling but it's too late.

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