10 Cat and mouse part 2

Just before everyone left Astila and Sam helped get the hay from the loft . The two men decided to use this opportunity to take a look for the stalker. They turn on all of the lights inside the barn on and climb up going on the opposite sides they start picking up bales of hay to throw out the window. The others are below waiting to see if they will be needed. Daniel had placed a few bales close to the corner of the loft . He arranged them so that he would still be hidden even if someone was looking. Though they didn't see him they could smell him as soon as they were in the loft. They knew he was here amongst the bales. They finish with getting some hay thrown down . Just as they get to the bottom of the ladder an owl screeches Astila and Aisling look at each other . They know that it's a bad omen for an owl to screech like that. While the others get the truck loaded Aisling slips to the garden to pick some fresh sage and rosemary. She then goes to the edge of the house. There on the front porch she has a jar filled with water and stones . Taking a shimmering white stone from the jar of water she wrapped it inside of the sage leaf. Placing a sprig of rosemary on each corner of the porch while saying the Lord's Prayer. She puts the stone and sage above the front door. Walking back to the jar she takes out a black stone and does the same on the back porch . Everyone is looking at her but no one says anything. She then goes to each person and takes their hand having them join until everyone is joined. Looking at her uncle the reverend.

" please can you say a prayer of protection over my home. I want us to stay joined and circle my home three times while praying for protection. Please no one ask why just do this for me." You can hear that she is ready to cry at this point. Reverend John starts the prayer as they begin to walk around the house.

" Heavenly Father I bring before you our child . She has a fear in her heart . We know that you are not a God of fear but if love. I ask that you protect her and all that have been invited here. " when he is done his wife repeats the prayer by the time they have made the circle around the house three times everyone who is present has repeated the prayer. When they were back at the spot that they began at Aisling was giving each a hug of gratitude. Thanking them for their love and understanding. When she came to the reverend he gave her the tightest hug.

" you know that God will protect you . We love you and are here for whatever you need." He kisses her forehead just before getting into the car to drive away. Looking at the barn he sees a shadow flit across the window. Looking at his brother he nods his head towards the barn. The commander noticed also and nodded back in acknowledgment. Once all of the cars drive away the four that are left go inside.

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Once in her room. Aisling does her nightly ritual of meditation and prayers. Across the hall Astila is doing the same. In the room at the end of the hall He Jinn is burning incense and saying saying her prayers. They go to sleep in peace knowing that nothing will be able to enter the house on this night.

Daniel comes out of his hiding place . Looking through the small whole in the wall of the barn he watches the family. They act as if they have no worries. Singing and laughing. All afternoon they were just hanging out and playing. Then he sees them do the walks around the house. He has no idea what they are doing only that to him they are some strange people. Only his Aisling is perfect . Settling back into his spot he decides to sleep for a while until the house is quiet. He will then slip out and head back into the woods to find a place to hide that he can still see Aisling without fear of being discovered.

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