11 Cat and mouse 3

When Daniel wakes up he knows it's the middle of the night. Slipping out of the barn he tries to make it to the woods when the light floods the yard. When did Aisling get motion lights. She always had outside lights for when they had family parties but never had motion lights before. Wondering what that stranger staying in her house is really up to . He takes off running wanting to be out of sight just incase the lights wake someone up. He doesn't want to be seen. He feels the anger rising again. Just the thought of someone trying to take her away makes him want to rip something apart. Maybe he should slip into the tree house just for the night and try to scout for someplace new tomorrow.

Astila was sitting in the attic looking out at the barn. He wanted everyone to think he was asleep. He knew the moment the mouse left the barn . He tripped the flood lights. Watching him run Back into the woods Astila slips out through the attic window to follow him. Staying far enough behind he watches him crawl back into the treehouse.

The craving for blood is to strong for Daniel. His anger at the stranger daring to come into his territory and try to take what's is his. He has to go hunt so he makes his way out of the treehouse.

Crouching behind a crop of trees he sits waiting to see what he is going to do. After about an hour he sees him come out of the tree. Following him silently . He must think he is safe because he is not caring about how much noise he makes. Astila follows him to a camp of hikers. Silently slipping into a tree to be able to keep watch.

Daniel stumbles upon a makeshift camp of some hikers. Three guys and one girl by the looks of it. They didn't come prepared. They had no tents just a few sleeping bags. They had mostly booze . Smiling to himself thinking easy they are already half drunk . He enters the camp acting like he is hurt to gain sympathy. They invited him to stay with them for the night. Once they are all getting settled for sleep . Daniel lays down pretending to sleep

Astila Checks the coordinates on his satellite phone. Astila slips his camera out .Having it on night mode he puts on to record anything that might transpire in the camp . Closing his eyes for a quick power nap.

Daniel hearing the girl moaning was more than he could stand. Getting up and pulling his knife . He quietly slips behind the guy and slits his throat pushing him off the girl. Covering the girls mouth.

" don't scream or your next. Fumbling with his pants he gets them down. Slipping inside of her he rides her hard. Pulling her hair and biting her till he tastes blood in his mouth. Tears streamed down her face but not a sound passes her lips. Daniel lets out a loud howl when he reaches his climax.

Hearing Daniel howling like a wolf wakes Astila from is half sleep looking towards the sound he sees him just beyond the fire with the girl hiker. Quickly slipping out of h the tree he comes from behind Daniel. Knocking him out. Looking at the dead man beside the girl he pulls out his satellite phone and calls Terry.

"I have him and he has killed someone. Here are the coordinates where we are. Make sure to bring a female officer with you." He makes sure that Daniel cannot get free. He then goes to check on the other two hikers. They are out cold. Looking at the girl he asks her.

"What's up with those two why are they still asleep. They should have woken up when he screamed. " taking one of the sleeping bags and covering the dead.

" they don't like to hear us have sex so they mix pills and booze to make sure to sleep through it. This time I wish they hadn't." She begins to cry beside her dead boyfriend.

" that's pretty stupid. Don't they know that one day they may not wake up especially in the woods. " Astila hears Terry and his crew approaching.

" the cops are coming. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to save him. " he tells her quietly. Knowing it won't make a difference, but wanting to give her some kind of comfort.

" it's not your fault. Thank you for saving me though. I'm sure I was going to be next. " she looks at him with a vacant expression. Terry and his crew come from the trees opposite of where he and Daniel cane. The female cop comes and takes the girl away. Astila hands Terry his camera. It shows everything Daniel did from the moment he walked into camp. Until Astila knocks him out.

" He won't be able to get out of this . He will be going away Aisling will be safe. You work quick. The commander will be proud." Terry shakes his hand.

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" actually I will most likely get punished. I dozed off and because of that he lost his life. The commander will be very angry with me. Do you need me anymore tonight if not I will head back to catch some sleep before the other wake up." I will come by in the afternoon to go over the evidence and get your statement. " Terry bids him good night tell one of the officers to see him home. It will be faster. Turns out they are only a half mile from the main road.

Once back to Aisling house Astila slips back into the house. Showers and crawls into bed. Instantly falling to sleep.

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