169 Brothers heart to heart

That evening When Aisling was getting ready for bed she asks Astila his opinion. 

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"I called Uncle Audis today and asked him about the house. He said he will set a price on the house and let me know in June. I umm also asked him about letting Winona move into it. I told him about her ex and that Marshal wants her to stay here. He says that it would be good for his kids to think that she is renting it. That way they may not say anything later. He also is going to see about getting her on at the hospital. What do you think. Is it something she will be ok with or have I overstepped to far?" Looking anxiously at her husband hoping that he isn't going to scold her for meddling. Astila just gives her a look and sighs heavily. Shaking his head at her he lays on the bed. Pulling her into his arms . He gently kissed the top of her head as it rests on his shoulder. 

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