32 Bringing Onacona home

When Inola saw the last car leave the area he calls to the others to gather what is needed to cleanse the ground. Salali gets the large container of olive oil that had been infused with sage and rosemary. Aisling got bunches of dried sage rosemary lavender and San Palo . Astila got the large bags of salt. The six of them carried everything to the lake. Once there John begins with pray for God to bless the oil that it might heal the land and to keep those here safe . Salali begins to sing the sage prayer to call on the great spirit to guide their way. As she sings Astila and Inola begin to pour the olive oil in a circle around the edge of what was left of the water when finished they went back and sprinkled the dried herbs through out. At the edge of the lake they light the mixture. As it burns Salali continues to sing while Inola prays.

" Oh Great Spirit please bless this land and cleanse it . Allow the spirits to find peace and move to their spirit life. Allow this land to be fruitful once again ." Walking around the lake he continues to sprinkle the herbs mixed with salt so that it can be burned and cleansed. While the ritual was going on. The federal agent arrived and spoke with the commander. After the prayers were said and the fire burn out he told them about what the agent had to say.

" It seems that we have also found the remains of Onacona. He asked if we would claim his body and give it a proper burial. The only thing is I'm not sure what kind of burial he would want. We can bury him with his sister. We can cremate him and spread his ashes here or if we can find out where exactly him and my grandmother were from.We can Bury him there . We may be able to get special permission to bury him here though I don't know how long that will take. " the commander looks at Inola and Aisling it's going to be their choice .

" why don't I ask him what he would like. Now that hopefully the vengeful spirit is gone maybe he will talk to me again " Aisling speaks up. John looks at her

" I don't care as long as you do not do witchcraft again to speak to him. " Inola places his hand on Aisling's shoulder.

" I agree with John. There may be other evils in the woods close by and if you use that spell again it could be dangerous for you. None of us want to see you go through the spirits possessing you again like last time. I think because you opened that portal to speak to him last time it opened you up to the possession. I do not want that to happen again. " Aisling agrees to just see if he will speak to her or to Astila since he has spoken to him before .

They head back to the house. Aisling looks back and waves at the three girls they are beautiful and whole again . They smile at her as they turn to walk towards their afterlife at peace .

Once back at the house everyone decided to retire for the night hoping that the ritual truly worked so that their family could be reunited.

Astila goes with Aisling to her door. He pulls her into his arms and gives her a long kiss goodnight.

" I got the best sleep when I stayed with you the other night. I know that I can't stay the night but can we maybe sit on the balcony for a bit just so I can hold you a little longer?" She takes his hand and they go out to the balcony . As they look out across the yard towards the lake Aisling begins to cry.

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" I have had him close to me my whole life. How will I know if I am doing what is right. How will I know when danger is close by . I depended on him for so much. I gave me so much comfort knowing he was always close by. " Astila holds her close and let's her cry. They stayed on the balcony the whole night cuddled in the swing sleeping in each other's arms. They were awoken just before sunrise by the sweet smell of lavender and cherry blossoms. There in front of them stood the old woman and Onacona.

"My darling child do not cry. You no longer need me by your side. The great spirit sent you your soulmate. He will stand by you now. " Astila looks at Aisling she is smiling and crying at the same time.

" I have always wondered who the woman that is always close by who is she?" Astila asks.

"The woman smiles . I am Maureen I am Aisling's great great great gran I have been here waiting for generations for one with the gift to arrive. She is the first . I have never spoken to her so as to not confuse her. You see i can from a far away land. My spirit traveled here attached to the locket she wears. It was Onacona that released me from it so when he leaves so shall I . My dear child never fear we will always be with you even when our spirits move on. You have learned from both of our worlds. Do not deny who you are. You see you have the power of not one but three great healers and empaths. You hold the ancient knowledge deep inside . You just have to allow it to show you and teach you. Though be careful not to do what you did before. Calling on the spirits without someone else that can help keep you grounded and help you close what you open will leave you vulnerable. Promise you wil not use that ritual again. " she holds Onacona's hand looking at him and nodding that she had finished speaking.

"Onacona they found your remains what would you like for us to do?" Aisling looks at him tears beginning to fall again at the thought of having to say good bye.

" what ever brings you comfort my child. If having me be ashes that fly through the air so be it or laying me in the ground by my sister . Which ever brings you the most comfort. For I am no longer bound here I am free to go now. The vengeful spirits are gone the man who will hurt you is gone and the man the great spirit promised has arrived. I am free to do as I choose. I will be watching over you we both will. For your child will have great power and need a guide just like you. For your child has a long line of healers from both its mother and father. Luckily for her she will have Inola to guide her. " he tells them just before the two turn wand walk into the sunrise. You could hear the sound of water drums and flutes playing. As they drifted away to their after life.

Looking at Aisling's face Astila can not help himself he kisses her cheek and asks

" so are you feeling better now that he did not just leave that he and your other ancestor not only came to say good bye but even told us that we will be having a daughter just like her mother. I like that a lot. I better let Inola know he will have his hands full. "

She turn into his arms so she is facing him.

" what do you think about having him cremated and not spreading his asked but burying him where his home used to stand so that he is always close but also at peace. I know they won't let me bury his remains as they are here . I don't think I will be happy to take him away from here. So I think that is the best solution. " Astila smiles at her knowing it is going to be hard on her no matter what she decides.

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