250 Brayden

Aisling rushes back to the house with her Aunt and Uncle, running into the house she calls out to them. 

"Uncle Steve ,aunt HeJin we have an emergency. We have to leave for West Virginia immediately. There has been an accident and the family is going to need us." Aisling is running up the stairs as she explains , HeJin looks at her husband and tells him . 

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"Grab the emergency suitcases while I pack some food and drinks for the road. " 

Steve doesn't say a word and goes to get their suitcases from the hall closet. This is one time he is glad his wife always keeps a case packed, something bad must have happened for Aisling to be in a panic. Within minutes Aisling in coming down the stairs with just her case. Steve asks her. 

"What is going on, where are the others?" It's not like Astila to let his niece be to far from him. 

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