124 Auntie He Jin Rocks 2

He Jin gets Remi settled into bed and waits to see what the head nurse has up her sleeve. She doesn't have much of a wait, the floor nurse comes in and to check Remi's vitals and to give her a shot. 

"Excuse me but what is that your giving her?It has only been two hours since she got her last round of medication. " He Jin is not going to allow them to give her anything without Astila knowing. She hits his number on her phone and puts it on speaker.

"Girl I asked you a question what medication are you giving my niece? If that needle makes it to the Iv without an answer are you prepared for what will happen?" 

The floor nurse looks at her confused . Why would she be questioning what she is being given? 

"I understand that you are anxious over your niece but no one here is going to hurt her. This shot is lovenox it is given in the stomach. It helps prevent blood clots. All patients are given it especially after surgery. "

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