162 Aunt Norma last words

Audis sits next to his wife gazing into her pain filled eyes. 

"My love please let me take you to the hospital. That way we can see for sure if this is truly goodbye or if we can help you live just a little longer." Norma takes her husbands hand and kisses it. 

"Call our children I want to say goodbye on my terms . Have everyone on at once please. I have to tell them all one last time I love them. I knew the other day that my time was getting close. I'm sorry I will not get to be with you on Valentine's Day . Now go and get my children on FaceTime before it's to late." She closes her eyes and Audis goes out and tells Aisling we need five phones to call the children she wants to talk to them at once. Debra ,Sam Aisling Astila and Marshal get their phones and call them once they are all on the lines they go back to Norma. She is sitting up as if she is fine though they all know she is deteriorating. they line the phones up so she can see each of their faces 

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