163 Aunt Norma goodbye

no one really slept that night . They all kept close vigil on each other especially on Audis. Astila got airport duty since Sam and Marshal got college pick up. Luckily most of the flights were close together and several were going to rent cars when they arrived. So he picked up Auntie Jin with two of the college kids from Texas . Luckily they knew Auntie Jin so he didn't pick up the wrong kids since these two were girls. They waited for the flight from California since it was only an hour behind them. Going to get lunch while they waited Astila answered the kids questions. 

"So your Aisling's husband and were you with Grams when she passed?" The youngest one asked. 

"Yes I'm Aisling's husband,your grandfather was alone in the room with her at the time she passed. She spoke to your parents only minutes before passing. I hope that I don't upset you guys but I am a little overwhelmed at the moment and am not sure I will remember your names. " the girls laugh at him. 

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