142 Aunt Charlie gets schooled

when Remi and Yona arrive back from their date they see Astila and Aisling alone in the kitchen embracing. Remi can feel that something is wrong. They quietly come in and for the first time in over five years Remi embraces Aisling and says. 

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"Aisling what's wrong?" Aisling head snaps up and turns towards Remi. 

"you spoke to me ?" Aisling asks with disbelief . Astila nods to his brother for them to leave the girls alone. While Aisling is crying for joy over Remi speaking to her , the men go upstairs to get a drink from the closet. 

Remi looks at Aisling and they hug with joyful tears. When they go to sit in the living room Moll and Maureen come down the stairs. To sit with them . Aisling is so excited to tell them that Remi spoke to her. They all begin to ask Remi questions at once. She blushes from all of the attention. Remi takes a deep breath and explains everything. 

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