144 Aunt Charlie gets Schooled 3

Winona comes into the sun room with Remi to start her session. Instead of just Maureen being in the room Charlie is with them . They start with meditation and lighting the incense burner as always. Remi lays on the pillow on the floor. Winona starts putting her under. She asks her to go back to the morning of the first attack. 

Remi begins to speak. 

"I'm leaving for school . I have my cheer uniform on we have a game today. Mom is fixing breakfast and Dad says he will drive me today. " 

Charlie gasps because Remi is speaking . When did this happen she wonders? Winona sends her a look to let her know to be quiet. 

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Winona asks Remi.

"What transpires at school before the game?" 

Remi begins to tell her of her day.

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