58 Astila’s visions

Astila starts his meditation to enter the spirit walk. Taking deep breathes and relaxing each part of his body completely. He has a feeling that this spirit journey is going to be a little different than before. Seeing the eagle right before entering is a good sign it's since his spirit animal. He settles into a deep relaxed state asking the great spirit to guide him where he needs to go. As he goes deeper into a trance he hears a call . It sounds like someone in the distance is calling him. There is a great shaking around him almost like an earthquake. He opens his eyes, the mist is clearing . He is on a ridge over looking the ocean. There are cliffs beneath his feet he can smell the salt air of the ocean. The wind is blowing calling his name . He walks carefully over the jagged rocks . Hearing the waves crash on the cliffs,He wonders where he is . He is sure that he has not been here before. Walking towards the faint light he sees in the distance. He looks back to see sun turning an orange red as it sets. Turning back towards the light he notices . There on the edge of a wooded area is a small shack. Walking towards it he looks through a grimy window.He hears a old voice chanting in side the house. Wanting to get closer but not knowing if he can. He looks around and wonders how to get inside In a blink he us inside the shack. The pungent odor of unwashed bodies and blood is overwhelming. There is an old woman and several dirty looking children. Sitting on the dirt floor. The woman is mixing something in the pot . She keeps looking at the boys making sure they are still. These boys can't be more than ten years old or so. She is chanting something.

Through time and space

Through life and death

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Through the distance you shall see this place

You shall hear the call of the unholy

You shall drink the blood of the holy

You shall avenge the loss that has been taken

You shall become the knife of the forsaken

She pours what she brewed and gave it to the children . They greedily drank what she gave them ,as if they have been kept thirsty and starved for awhile. Two began to cry rolling on the ground in great pain . The third A boy with red hair and green eyes looked at them with disgust. He walked over as if in a trance and picked up the knife from the table. Going to the other two, He slits their throats. Taking the cup the old woman hands him. He fills it with the mixture of their blood drinking it like it is water. Turning to the woman he smiles wickedly blood dripping down his face. Walking over to him and pats his head as if to say good boy. Looking deep into his eyes as if mesmerizing him she tells him what he needs to do . Her voice lulling him deeper into her will.

"You will live through many lifetimes till you accomplish your task. This was just a test to see if you can obey. Your body may change but your spirit will continue to live on . You will not find rest until the last of the gifted ones is dead. There will be only one that can end you that can send your spirit to rest and never return. The one will be born of death and life of light. Come we must go. I will tell you more soon. " gathering their things she takes him out of the shack. Stoping only to light it on fire so no one will look for them. The boy blindly following the woman. They walk a ways through the woods as darkness falls. Astila still following them closely , wondering who they are. On the other side of the woods. They come to a lake the moon is shining high now . The old woman begins to set up a makeshift camp. The boy stands where she left him almost like a frozen statue. She builds a small fire and takes out some gemstones sitting the boy on the ground. She chants and places the stones around him. Sitting on the out side of the circle she begins to tell him why she has cursed him.

"You come from a long line of witches as far back as the beginning of time. There can only be one that has the gift in each generation. The gift to talk to the spirits and the gift to banish them. My sister was given the gift not me. I was given the knowledge of spell casting but not the true gift. She lorded it over me that she was chosen . While she was able to have knowledge of the past present and future. I was casting spells just to get by . She lived the high life able to keep her youth and beauty, while I turned old and worn. She now has wealth and the man I love. You see you are the product of their union. You and your brothers back at the house. I stole you from her when you were born. She believes you to be dead. I paid the midwife to steal you three and to tell her you were stillborn. Why because I want her to suffer for taking the life that should have been mine. You should know her suffering only lasted a measly nine years. She has gone and had another child forgetting you and your brothers. This time it's a girl ,she placed protection spells on the house so I could not enter. She was born with the gift as well. None of you three were. "The witch spits on the ground in disgust her anger becoming more apparent by her voice getting more like an animal growl with each word.

"You shall be the tool of my revenge. You shall grow strong and learn all the ways from me. You shall ensure that their seed shall die . Unfortunately that also means you will need to die and your spirit will need to be banished as well. I had hoped that when I got around to killing you three that would have been the end. It was so lovely watching her suffer and agonize over the death of her children. Just for her to have more. You will learn and grow in hatred , You will in one of your life times marry the blood that runs through your veins. When you do you will destroy them for good . You will have a thirst that will not be able to be satisfied. Only the blood of those two will be able to stop it. It will not matter how many generations pass or how deluded it becomes. You will know it instinctively. It will be your mission to take what is theirs and to ensure the chosen one dies. If one with the gift dies without producing a child. Then all will end, So will you finally end as well. Unless the gifted one born of death and lives of light is born. Though the chances of that happening is so small you will have accomplished your mission." She laughs at the boy seeing him become angry by her words. Knowing that he was corrupted just for her pleasure and revenge. That all these years he had a mother who loved him and pined for him. The whole while she was abusing him and teaching him to hate and to kill. Using her spells to keep him and his brothers in line as if they were just puppets . Till finally she had him kill them. He tries to get out of the circle but he can't move. She begins to laugh harder watching him struggle.

"You think me stupid boy. I would not tell you what I have done,and allow you to be able to kill me. You want to be free you need to kill your sister when the time is past for your mother to no longer have children. Then you can finish the line off . If you do that you will only have one tormented life. If not you will have many. Now let's get you cleaned up. We need to get your training started so that you can be more powerful than her." With that the hag goes to the waters edge and begins to cast another spell. This time it a spell to change the boy's appearance. So that his real mother will not recognize him. Astila feels the pull to return . He wants to stay to see what the boy will look like, but the pull to take him back to the present is strong. In the next moment Astila opens his eyes there in the sweat lodge sits Moll. She looks at his face. "You saw the evil one , the one who started this struggle. She died centuries ago not knowing if he accomplishes his task or not. The boy though could not bring himself to kill his sister, So he killed himself. He has returned over and over again leaving countless bodies. Though he has never been able to kill the ones with the gift. I banished the last one that came seeking to the spirit plane. He has been trapped for almost a hundred and fifty years. When Maureen came we placed spells on the house and land to keep him trapped. Since Daniel was not of our blood he as a small child came and the spells effected him because he comes from a corrupt blood line. Being on this property sent him insane with the thirst for blood. His nature being that of the banished one . He woke up his spirit and He wants out now. The only one that can keep him gone forever is Aisling. The only body he can possess is that boy Jay. That is why until she is with child he has to be kept away. Aisling must not come in contact with him until you are married and with child. The evil one will not harm her if she is with child. She needs to be prepared before then to completely vanquish him. This spirit is a corrupt spirit. He was not meant to be evil. He was forced that way by the spells and actions of the witch. We cannot reveal her name . If we do it could become the doorway for her to comeback. You will see his next life and understand more." With that she vanished and Astila is put back into a deep trance.

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