60 Astila’s visions 3

Astila is in a room it's a bedroom. It has two beds with one side for a boy the other is a girls room. He walks around looking for clues. He hears yelling from another room. Walking there he sees two children almost teen years of age. The boy is robust and well close to six feet already. The girl is very small and waif like. She has extremely dark circles under her eyes and looks sickly. She wears a pendant around her neck it looks like the one that Aisling wears. The parents are telling them that they are to old to be sharing a room that they will need to use separate rooms starting that night. The children hug each other and go to their separate rooms. The boy sits just looking out the window . Beside him is a datura plant or moon flower . He looks around there is only his bed in the room. Going to the other room the one from before the girl is laying on the bed . She has a book in her hand. Beside her is a datura plant . She places her hand over it and begins to whisper.

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