59 Astila’s visions 2

Astila is walking down a foggy dirt lane. The smell of rotting food and sewage are overwhelming. He gags from the foul smell. He looks around he is outside a broken down abandoned house. He doesn't know where he is but it's not in his time. He walks around and looks at the filthy bodies of those sleeping . He hears a bell ringing and someone calling from outside. Walking to look out there he sees a man climbing a ladder to light the street lamp. He hears him call to the next lamp lighter. Their voices are very thickly accented like they are from England. Hearing this he knows his spirit walk has taken him into the past again. He sees a young boy he is looking right at him. He walks over and reaches out to touch him. Of course his hand is just in the air. The boy asks

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"Spirit why are you here?You do not look like the others. You are very different. " he looks at the boy wondering if he speaks if he will hear him.

"I come from a far place. I am looking for someone but I'm not sure who he is. Maybe since you can see me it's you." He tells him . By the look on his face he sees that he can hear him.

"Are you here to take me to Hell. If you are you are to late . I live in hell already. You see the plague is here . Do you want to see something ? Follow me I will show you." The boy turns and he follows. He takes him to a small cottage just a short distance from where they were originally. The house is well kept and a little girl is sitting in the chair by the window. Looks just like Aisling.

"Who is that?" Astila points to the girl.

"That is Aisling Dawn. I'm supposed to kill her but I can't ." He kicks a pebble on the ground.

"Killing is bad you know is that why you can't ?" Astila wants to try to convince him to change his way.

"I know but the woman who took me from the orphanage says it's my destiny to kill her. I just can't do it. She is too nice to me . She gives me food and always smiles at me. I really would like her to be my girlfriend. If I take her home the woman will kill her. You know she is a witch. The woman is . She says she lived before and that she has to finish it this time. Do you think I can protect her from the witch?" This small dirty looking boy is not the evil one it's the witch that is. Astila thinks for a few minutes and then he remembered that the witch inquisition should be happening at some point.

"Have they started hunting for the witches yet?"

The boys face lights up . He hadn't thought to tell someone about her being a witch.

"Oh sir thank you I can tell the minister to come he will see that she is a witch . If they take her then Aisling Dawn will be safe." The boy rushes away Astila looks at the little girl a little longer. He notices a woman standing by a tree watching the cottage. She has a small doll in her hand. He hears Aisling scream. The woman has a hex doll. He is hurting her from the distance. Walking to wards her he notices she can't see him. She is a stunning beautiful woman. Her thick black hair trailing down almost to the ground. Her build is very small like Aisling . He hears her chanting before sticking the doll again. He wonders if he speaks if she will hear him.

"Why do you torture her so?" Looking at her to see if she hears him. She looks around but sees no one.

"Who is there show yourself?" Looking to see if anyone will come out.

"I am right beside you . You need to answer me." He lets the anger come through his voice. Her back straightened and became stiff.

"I torture her because the person in my head tells me to. He says if I want to be free she has to die. My blood burns to kill her. It's uncontrollable. I have to have her dead. That is the only way. " her voice is desperate as if she is trying to get out of the the curse but can't. The air around her gets misty and a deep fog covers the area Astila can no longer see anything he starts to walk towards a faint light. The light gets brighter and warmer as he comes to it. There he sees the witch being burned and the child Aisling is safe. Turning away he is back in the sweat lodge. This time Maureen is there. He is curious why they are showing this to him.

"Aisling can break the curse of the evil one. You will see the snippets of his passed life so that you can help her know. That it was jealousy and hatred between siblings that made the spirit evil. He needs to know that it's not his fault. It's the corruption of the original witch that caused this. He was an innocent baby used for evil. A spirit cursed for the use of someone else. " do you need to see more or do you understand what needs to be done?" She looks at him knowing that what they are doing now will help prepare them for their wedding day.

"I want to know all I can to help the one I love . If there is more to see then I will see it." He bows his head at her to show he is ready for whatever he needs to see.

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