177 Ancient ties revealed

After the service is over Aisling is hesitant to leave. She is watching her family closely hoping to get a chance at least say hello. She hears the oldest girl call out 

"Norma come here, you know you are to stay close. If papa comes to get us and your running around. I will be in trouble." The little one sticks her tongue out at the older sister. 

"You always use Mama and Papa to be bossy. Papa doesn't care as long as I'm close by. " she runs towards Aisling and stops to stare at Yona. 

"Whoa your handsome ." She exclaims just looking at him. Yona blushes thinking this is his Norma . 

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"Why thank you little lady , you are a pretty little hen." Teasing her watching the dimple beside her mouth show as she smiles. 

"You silly I'm not a hen I'm a girl. So are you married yet?" Her eyes twinkling. Yona kneels down on one knee and shows her his ring. 

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