42 Alone time 2

Aisling stretches awake with a smile on her face. Opening her eyes she stares right into Astila's dark ones. Getting a little flush with her cheeks turning a little red. She goes to get up.

"Where do you think you're going. We have all the time in the world. No responsibilities or obligations. Just the two of us for two more days. I plan on keeping you like this as long as I can." Leaning down he kisses her senseless in a matter of seconds. Whispering to her.

"The last time was your first time it may have been slightly painful. This time I promise nothing but pleasure." With that, he begins kissing her again. Making his way down her body exploring every inch. Nudging her legs apart his hands find her woman's mound. Making her arch her hips in rhythm with his hands. Not wanting to be outdone her hand finds his manhood and begins to stroke him. Making him get instantly hard. He groaned and flips her so she is straddling him. Slowly entering her he sets the pace for her until she is ready to take control. Aisling gasps at how deep he is inside her not really knowing what to do. Astila moves her hips for her at first. The sensation and heat soon spur her yo want more. To be the one to go faster. She soon takes control and has him reeling with desire. When they are sweaty and spent Astila kisses Aisling deeply.

" I could wake up like this for the rest of my life ." He nuzzles her neck and falls back to sleep. It's well into the afternoon when Aisling wakes up again this time he is still sleeping. She slips out of bed to get into the shower. As she is showering Astila slips in behind her and starts to wash her hair.

"Let me wash your hair today. It must be hard sometimes to take care of it. It's so thick. When we are done showering let me comb it ." He kisses her shoulder before finishing wading her hair. When they are done washing each other and are dressed. They go out to the balcony. Aisling sits on the floor between Astila's legs while he separated her hair.

"Why do you always put your head over the balcony when you wash your hair?"

She turns and gives him a smirk.

"Don't laugh but my great grandmother had long thick hair like mine. Hers was black in the sunlight it almost looked like a dark purple at times. She would wash hers and let the wind dry it. Hers was very straight so it almost never tangled. Not like mine. She said by drying it in the wind it would smell like the breeze. It would also prevent it from getting a musty smell. When she was sick one time during the winter. My aunt just washed it and braided it. When she went to wash it again a few days later inside the braid was still wet. It smelled so bad my aunt got a pair of scissors and cut it off. My gran was devastated she cried so much. She never had her hair cut. Only trimmed to keep it growing. She wore it in braids so that she wouldn't get headaches. I always loved her hair. Mine is much thinner and curlier than hers. So it tangles a lot. Every time I go to cut it I remember her crying. So I always chicken out. Since I'm afraid of it stinking I always just do like her."

" it beautiful and I love the way it has so many different shades to it. Your gran was raised by a mother who was a sister to a medicine man. Your hair is a physical extension of your spiritual thoughts. As you see even men have long hair. The only time I had short hair was when I was in the military." He carefully combs her hair to ensure that there are no tangles. Starting at the center he makes a perfect part. He then begins to braid her now dry hair. When finished he kisses the top of her head.

"I'm starving you want to go out to eat?" He hopes that she will say yes. He wants to give her a special gift.

"Sure I'm starving as well we haven't eaten since last night." She takes his hand and stands up. Heading inside to get her purse and shoes.

" then my lady show we go?" Taking her hand in his they leave for dinner. They drive to a little place just outside of town. One of her friends owns it. Going inside she sees her friend Jay. Astila looks at him as he gives her a tight hug. She tells him they have been friends since elementary school.

Jay shows them to the carriage table. Astila looks around this restaurant is very unique. It has a different style for each section. Aisling explains.

"Jay's family has owned this place for generations. Every generation is represented here. Take the garden table over there." She points to an area across the room where there is a trellis with flowers and tiny lights around the tables.

"Jay's grandma wanted to redo the restaurant to look like a garden but her mother told her no that she needed to show respect to the past as well. So she sectioned off the restaurant and did something that was prominent and important to each one. This table for example. It is representative of when they didn't even have a building yet. They would bbq and people would just pull up in their wagons and eat. So everything here has a story. " Aisling explains to him. He thinks it's a wonderful way to keep the spirit of each generation alive in the restaurant. It doesn't look cluttered or disorganized. It seems to flow.

The waitress brings them something to drink and tells them their food will be out in a moment.

"We didn't order yet." Astila lets her know.

"Oh, no need for that. When Ms. Aisling comes Mr. Grove takes care of everything. He has a soft spot for her. " she smiles and goes to sit another guest who just came in.

"Hmm, do I need to worry about Mr. Grove?" He teases her.

"Nope, that is Jays Grandfather. He was close friends with my grandma. When I was in high school I would go to his house to take care of Jay's grandma. So when he knows I'm here he makes a special dinner for me. He won't accept any payment either." She grins with excitement to see what he is going to make her today. After a few minutes Jay and an elderly man. Comes by the table. The portly older man gives Aisling a hug and tells her dinner will be out in a moment. Aisling introduces him to Astila.

"So your the young man that the reverend and the commander were telling me about. Well, you got yourself a wonderful girl here. One of a kind. You won't be able to find another one like her. " just then their food arrived. Aisling got steak and lobster with asparagus and baked sweet potatoes. Astila got shrimp and chicken. Looking at them he tells them.

"I can never make up my mind what to make for my girl. So I always make her something with chicken, steak, and two kinds of seafood. I hope you enjoy it. Oh, and your regular dessert will be out when you're done along with extra for home." Giving her another quick hug he heads back to the kitchen so they can enjoy their meal.

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