262 Aisling is trapped 2

Moll can feel Aisling's anger rising, having anger in the shadow realm can be dangerous. Moll sends her a telepathic warning . It will be just a nudge in her mind one that Uzil will not be able to detect. Feeling her starting to calm Moll pushes the boundary a little more. She tries to slip into Aisling's mind to see and hear what is happening. After a few tries she is successful. Now she can help Aisling without Uzil noticing. Moll helps keep Aisling calm as Uzil baits her trying to get her to let anger in. It is his only way to start turning her heart black. 

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Aisling's head feels a little fuzzy at first then she remembered that Moll and Maureen would enter her mind when she was distressed. Moll is here and she is joined with her. Aisling's heart leaps with joy that she is not alone. That her loved ones are near and will help her through. Calming herself she looks at Uzil determination in her eyes. 

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