90 Aisling hands out punishments

They all turn to see her come out from behind the bookcase. She looks at them her face pale and tear washed . They know she is angry by the storm color of her eyes.

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"Have Yona bring Aunt Charlie back please and ask both Sam and Astila to come with them. " she glares at the three people sitting there acting as if they have done nothing to be ashamed of. When the others come in she sits behind the desk. Astila rushes over to check on her . She raises her hand to stop him.

"Now for some reason everyone thinks I am not worthy to have love or money. Why is that? Auntie you say you hate because My uncle loves me. Well maybe if you were not such a materialistic bitch that thought only of her self and comfort . That wasn't envious of others he would pay more attention to you. Since you think I'm not worthy of what God gave me because you was not satisfied with what you had." Aisling pulls out an envelope from the desk. Looking at her aunt she hands the paper to Yona.

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