261 Aisling gets trapped

Aisling takes the comb and pendant to a secluded place on the mountain. She gathered some dry wood and placed a pot over it. Placing the comb and pendant inside the pot she mixed Palo santo wood with sage placing it inside the pot with the items and in the fire as well. Aisling begins to meditate and pray as the metal begins to melt. She hears a sound behind her turning she comes face to face with Woya's oldest son. He gives her a wicked smile and then everything goes black. 

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Astila paces the living room he is unable to sit still while waiting for Aisling to return. His mom is asleep and Aisling told them because of the blood connection to the brother they could not be around when she destroyed the pendant. Not knowing why it's taking so long his heart is anxious. He turns to go inside when his father's spirit stands before him. 

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