92 Aisling’s sleep

Aisling is in the meadow with two little ones running around. Laying on the grass beside Morrigan with her head on her lap.

"Child it's almost time to wake up. Do you know what you will do?"

Aisling looks at her and nods.

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"Yes I will forgive them of course , since it is partly my fault that they think they are entitled to more than they are. I just was so angry that they can't understand that I share with them. Why do they need it all?" Looking up at the sky it clear blue with large fluffy white clouds floating across.

" they will understand when you get back. Moll called your mother and father. Your father showed them his shame and sin. " Aisling looked at her with concern.

"So they are going to know what he did. They may think it was my fault. Is it bad that I come and hide here with you every time something I can't handle happens? I get conflicted sometimes because of the different beliefs in my family. "

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