62 Aisling’s journey begins

Aisling feels someone tap her on the shoulder just before sunrise. When she opens her eyes Moll is standing there smiling at her. She sits straight up in the bed. Looking a little startled. Moll chuckles

"Girl get them lazy bones out of bed. Did you forget about what today is? " Aisling gives her a grumpy look. She isn't used to her way of talking it's kind of gruff and curt.

"Don't look at me that way. You may be young but your not a child. I already sent the young man out for a few things we will need. So don't look for him to help you get out of doing as you told. We need to me in the conjuring room by sunrise so hop to it that's less than half an hour." Aisling looks at this tiny old woman wondering where does she get the energy from. Aisling huffs and gets out of bed. Going over to the closet to get a change of clothes Moll stops her.

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