67 Aisling’s journey 6

Aisling follows the two men back to the medicine man's dwelling. Once inside she takes a seat next to Inola, who notices that she can barely stay awake. Rolling a blanket like a pillow he places it on his lap . Pulling her closer to him placing her head on the pillow. The medicine man watches them closely.

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"Is she your woman? You take such good care of her." His has his shoulders slumped and his head down in sadness , over his wife.

"No actually she is my nephew's. They have been through a lot of trials already. He would have come with her but he was needed to be at home to protect her there." Inola looks down at Aisling, she is sleeping like a small child. Inola moves her hair from her face

"It looks like when she sleeps the glamour spell goes away. I thought once we returned the crystal to you we would return,but we are still here. So whatever we are to do has not occurred yet. " looking at his ancestor wondering if he knows who he is ?

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