64 Aisling’s journey 3

Aisling practiced well into the night. Refusing to give up until she could perfect the spell. Finally just before dawn, instead of a red haired green eyed Aisling. There sat a strikingly blonde with bright blue eyes. Her features not as small or childlike as Aisling's ,but much more Mature and womanly. Inola sat staring at her his mouth open with shock. Moll walks over and places her hand under his chin to close his mouth. She claps in delight. There is no way anyone would mistake this person for Aisling or anyone else that would be related to Ingrid and Ester. Aisling stares into the mirror she brought with her. Not believing that she is this person. She begins to jump up and down with delight over her accomplishment.

"Wait till I show Astila what I can do now. He will be so surprised. What do you think ? " looking at the two of them. Waiting for one of them to tell her if she did ok or not.

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