245 A visit with grandmother

Lotus jumps out of the bed excitement rushing through her. Today she gets to meet her grandmother in this time. She gets Lilli awake and they go downstairs to have breakfast. Auntie HeJin is setting the food on the table when the girls enter. 

"Good morning auntie, is mom and dad up yet?" Lotus asks her. 

"they haven't come down yet, Yanasi is here already he is outside with your uncle and Crystal. Girls I know you are excited to meet your grandmother but remember she has been in this state of mind for a long time. She may not even know you are there. So don't take anything she says personal. Try not to get your feelings hurt. Also give your Dad some space today and don't tease him to much. It's been hard on him having her like this since he was a child. " HeJin gives them a warm smile trying to give them some comfort and encouragement for the day to come. The girls nod ok and head outside to greet the others. 

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