20 Weapon Shop Part One

After stopping at a few stalls, I ended up with a bag full of accessories. To be honest, I had no idea if any of these would even look good on me. I was trusting Alissa on this since I was never big on shopping like this. I mean I did shop, but that was for manga, anime, and games… Now that I think about it I do not think I even hung out like this with others in my past life. I was too engrossed in my games and stuff to really "hang out". I did spend time with Rika, but that was about it. We never actually went anywhere just hung out around the house. Anyway, Alissa was pleased that I accepted all the accessories. She even went as far as to put one in my hair.

The next shop we arrived at was a weapons shop. Able said it was the best weapon shop in town. The shop itself was only one floor and did not look like much on the outside. So I had a few misgivings about Able's praise for this place. But there was a saying to never judge a book by its cover and if this was such a place it would be best to not say anything rude.

"This place may not look like much but the owner is the best blacksmith in Forelonia. I have gotten all my swords here since I was young. The owner is a bit strange but he is very good at his craft. The swords he makes are all fine-tuned to the wielder." Able seemed to be very excited about visiting this place. I do not know if it was intentional or not but he grabbed my hand and pulled me along.

This was the first time I had ever held a boy's hand. His hand was bigger than mine and rougher. I felt shy, nervous, and embarrassed but the faint smile on my face could not be hidden. When we entered the weapon shop there was not a single weapon on display. Just a very large muscular man with a short beard-mustache combination and a bald head. He wore thick overalls and leaned back in his chair with his feet up on the counter. His eyes were closed and the long hairs of his mustache would rise and lower as he breathed in and out.

"Old Man, wake up!" Able yelled out causing the large muscular man to stir in fright. He lost his balance in his chair and fell backward with a loud bang.

"Damn kid! Do you not know how to wake someone in a softer manner!?" The large muscular man shouted from the floor. He slowly crawled up from the floor and glared at Able who was scratching his head in embarrassment.

Able then pulled me forward and said: "Old Ray, this here is my Fiancee Rei, she needs a sword."

"Oh ho? You got yourself a beauty! But she looks a little skinny to be wielding a sword. Are you sure she can handle it?" Old Ray said as he sized me up. I could see his concern, seeing how I was a little underdeveloped due to the lack of eating at the Barron's estate. When someone does not get enough nutrients to grow up with their natural development will slow down. I hope just maybe my chest will grow some. The bumps that were there were faintly seen no matter what I wore unless I wore something skin tight.

"Trust me, I saw her toss a grown man over her shoulder, she can handle it." Able words made Old Ray take another look at me before nodding his head.

"Then if this is the case, little lady come over here and use one hand to lift these poles and give them a swing." Old Ray said.

I looked at the poles which were fashioned in the shape of swords and walked over to them. My guess was he wanted to see how heavy of a sword I could swing. With my current strength, it should be no problem to lift something that was pretty heavy. I reached down and picked up the first one which was very light, so I immediately put it back down. I then skipped the next three and went for the fifth one. When I picked it up it had weight to it but was not so heavy I couldn't swing it around effortlessly with one hand. "This feels about right."

"Little lady has surprised this old man. You really can lift a lot. I think you even got your little fiance here beat. Haha! I can already tell who is going to wear the pants in your family after you're married!" Old Ray let out a hearty laugh as he smacked Able's back quite a few times almost knocking him off his feet.

Blushing Able looked over at me and smiled. "If Rei wishes to wear the pants, I am okay with that. Once we are married we will be together for life so as long as she is happy I will be happy."

"Hah! Well said, young man! Look you got her blushing" Indeed he did. I could feel my face growing hotter by the second. I couldn't help it. When you have someone as handsome as Able saying such words really made my heart beat fast. It was my first time experiencing something like this. I couldn't help but lower my head trying to hide my embarrassment.

"Will you two stop!" Alissa came to my rescue once again. Although, I think she was trying to take advantage of the situation since she came over and hugged me tightly. But at this time I welcomed it since it gave me a place to hide my red as an apple face.

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