24 Meeting The Parents

Alissa hopped down from the carriage and as soon as she landed she made sure to kick Able in the shin before crossing her arms across her chest giving a humph. Able glared at Alissa as he rubbed his shin with his other foot before reaching his hand out towards me. "Rei..."

The look he gave me was so loving and warm I couldn't help but blush. I reached my hand out and slowly got down from the carriage with Able's assistance. I then turned and helped Emily down. Once everyone had exited the carriage Able turned to Grandpa Lutz and introduced everyone. "The scowling girl to the side is our friend Alissa, the little girl here is Rei's personal maid Emily, and this beautiful girl here is my fiancee, Rei. She will be the new Young Miss of the Ronstine estate."

"Miss Alissa, Emily, Young Miss, This old man's name is Lutz. You can call me Grandpa Lutz like the Young Master and everyone else does." Grandpa Lutz gave a polite bow and introduced himself.

Grandpa Lutz seemed like a gentle yet stern old man. He always seemed to have a serious look on his face but when he gazed at Able it was as if he was gazing at his own grandchild. A warm expression would form covering that strict look he gave seconds ago.

"It's nice to meet you, Grandpa Lutz, my name is Rei, as for my last name it isn't worth mentioning. I will be in your care from now on." I returned Grandpa Lutz's greeting with one of my own. When I looked up at the old man he was now looking at me in the same fashion as he looked at Able. This surprised me because I figured that he would still be somewhat wary of me. Normally wouldn't the head butler think the girl the Young Master brought home be some kind of bitchy gold digger who was just there to gain status and money? I mean this happened a lot in the stories I read. Maybe I was thinking too much.

It was at that time a man and woman in their late twenties to early thirties walked up. "So you are Rei. My what a beautiful girl." The woman said as she stepped forward and cupped my cheeks with her hands looking me over. "Mhm… My son has very good taste." The woman said before covering her mouth and saying: "Oh, my! Where are my manners? I do apologize. My name is Ruth Ronstine, Able's mother and this handsome man here is my husband, Able's father, Cedric Ronstine. He is the Master of the house."

This was something I had not been prepared for. I did not expect to meet Able's parents as soon as I got off the carriage. I quickly bowed my head and did my best to introduce myself. "It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Rei, I will be in your care from now oumb. Ouch..." I ended up biting my tongue in the end.

"What a cute girl. No need to be nervous, you can just call me mom from now on. Since Able has picked you to be his future wife and although you are still young and can't get married yet, you will be living with us, so we will be one family from now on. If anyone bullies you, even if it is my son himself. You can come to me and I will take care of it for you. Quickly come I have been decorating your room all morning." Ruth's eyes were warm as she spoke to me. Her gaze was the same as my mother's back on earth. It made my eyes become watery feeling the warmth of a mother. It made me realize how much I truly missed my family. It seemed Ruth had sensed my feelings and put her arm around my shoulder, bringing me close to her as she walked slowly with me into the mansion without even turning back to look at the others.


Able who was left behind looked on with a gentle smile. He was happy to see that Rei and his mother were bonding so quickly. He then looked up at his father who was still standing there staring off into space being completely forgotten and let out a laugh. "Dad, when they come back down you can introduce yourself. You know how mom has always wanted a daughter."

Letting out a sigh Cedric replied: "I know. But I must say that you truly out did yourself. She is definitely a beautiful girl. It's a shame that Baron Lancaster did not put such a jewel in his eye and only cared about the men of his family. I secretly tested her magic power just now and to be honest I am surprised at how powerful she is..."

"Rei is very special." Able agreed wholeheartedly with his father.

" I heard his eldest son was seriously injured today did you have anything to do with that?" Cedric asked.

"No, that was all Rei." After answering his father he turned to Emily and Alissa and said: "Emily, Alissa, you go on ahead and catch up to Rei, I need to speak with my father for a little while."

"Don't worry I will take real good care of Rei. Maybe before the end of the day, she will be going home with me instead." Alissa left these words and ran to catch up to Rei. Emily gave a small bow before following suit.

Cedric was confused by Alissa's words and turned to look at his son asking: "That was?"

"A snake who wants to steal your son's wife!" Hearing Able's answer caused Cedric to laugh out loud.

"It seems you will have many challenges ahead my boy!" Cedric could already tell that once Rei began attending Magic Academy, she would have many suitors who would not care if she was engaged or not. Especially since being engaged did not mean they were married yet and still gave them a chance to win Rei over. "You better work hard!"

"Don't worry dad. My heart is set on Rei. No one else can take her place." Able wanted no one else to be his wife other than Rei. Ever since he met Rei he felt she was the one. The one who was to stand at his side now and into the future.

At the side from a corner hidden in shadows, a small petite figure stood watching the scene in front of her. She bit the tips of her fingers as she looked at the drama happening in front of her as her eyes narrowed and a sinister smile formed on her face. "You think you can take Big Brother Able away from me? Do you think you have the right to take on the Ronstine name? A slut like you will soon wish you were dead."

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