10 Better Treatment Part Two

"It's okay, I was just remembering something I did not want to remember." I let out a long breath as I regained my composure. What's done is done. I had no choice but to take their lives and if I continue to live in this world and become a magic knight, I will take many more. Taking another long breath I exhaled and felt much better. Emily watched from the side and seemed to calm down after seeing my complexion turn rosy again.

"Emily, what happened to Able and Alissa?" I needed to thank them for helping me. They had brought me to the hospital and even brought me home. They did so much for me and I had not helped them at all.

"Sir Able and Miss Alissa said they will come and visit you today." Emily answered my question before suddenly standing up and clapping her hands together. "Young Miss you have yet to eat. I will go to the kitchen now to get your breakfast."

"Mm, thanks I do feel hungry." I smiled and sent Emily on her way. When she was gone I opened my game menu. "Let's see..."

Character Name: Rei Lancaster

Intellect: 1

Charisma: 0

Fitness: 2

Arts: 0

Martial Arts: 1

Magic Power: 5

Business: 0

Love Points: 2

Love Interest:

Able : 1

Alissa: 1

System Points: 5500

People Of Interest:

Grace Fortlon: Enemy 10

Kyle Landcaster: Friend 8

Emily: Friend 10

Able: interested 10

Alissa: Interested 10

Weapon Proficiencies

Axe: 1

"So my fitness went up by one point. But my system points... " I was confused when I saw the amount of system points I had. "System, I thought I failed the sub-event since I did not complete it on my own. " If I had remembered correctly the sub-event to save the kids and take out the kidnapper ring said I had to do so on my own but Able and Alissa helped me at the end.

"It was deemed completed since you took out more kidnappers than Able did and rescued the kids on your own. Any event that is 90% completed by you upon completion will be seen as a completed event." The system explained.

I guess I got lucky then and was able to finish the event. I continued looking at my stats. "Now in people of interest Kyle is now 8 on the friend scale, Emily is now 10, Able and Alissa…. 10 in interested? '' I was a bit confused, I mean I knew what the word meant but did this mean interested in a friendly way or something else. And that was when I looked at the love interest section I skipped over. Plastered under 'Love Interests' was Able and Alissa's name.

This of course confused me even more. What did I even do to make them like me? And Why is Alissa's name even on here!? She is the damn female lead! "Whatever..." I muttered to myself. I decided I would ignore these so-called love interests things for now. Although I did feel happy that Able was interested in me. As for Alissa I was flattered but was not going to pursue such a thing. Neither would I pursue Able since Alissa had triggered the Able route which meant the two of them falling in love with each other was sure to happen. Maybe one day I will find my true love. I just hope they are half as handsome as Able is.

As I was lost in my thoughts, Emily returned with a tray of food, which I ate happily since I had only eaten once the day before. But I had to say compared to the first day I arrived my treatment has been a lot better. In just two days I turned around the years of neglect and abuse that the original owner of my body had to endure. It made me sad really. If the girl had a stronger will then she would have had a chance to survive.

But I did have one issue I felt very dirty. I had yet to bathe and the day before I sweated a lot while fighting and was covered in blood. "Emily, can you get me a change of clothes, I wish to bathe."

"I have already prepared the bath while you were eating and a set of new clothes that the Young Master bought for you is laid out for you." I had to hand it to Emily. She may be young but she was very diligent in her work. I also needed to thank Kyle for the clothes he was really trying now I see.

I got up out of bed and began to undress, but just as I was about to wrap the towel around my body, the door to the room swung open! Standing there staring at me was the handsome face that almost killed me just yesterday! Able had walked in without thinking and now he was staring at my naked body! I was so shocked that I was staring back at him forgetting to cover up. We stood there staring at each other for a good half a minute. It was only when I heard Able yell: "Ah! Sorry!" and run out of the room, that I quickly wrapped the towel around me.

As Able retreated I could have sworn I saw a stream of blood dripping from his nose! With my face flushed red, I quickly ran into the bathroom. I had never been so embarrassed in my two lives. My poor little heart was palpitating nonstop. "Can I even get married now? Wait, no, as long as we both don't say anything it should be fine. I just have to make sure Emily doesn't say anything... Emily!"


Out in the hall, Able's face was beat red, he wiped the blood that dripped from his nose. "How unlike me. I was so excited when I heard that Rei had woken up, I actually barged into the room without knocking and saw.... Everything..." Pictures of the scene just now flooded Able's mind. He once again felt a warmth flowing from his nose which he quickly sucked back. "As a man, I need to take responsibility!"

Able had a look of determination on his face as he marched down the hall towards the main study. This study was where Baron Lancaster spent most of his time doing paperwork. The guard had already reported Able's arrival when he saw him walking towards him, so Able was able to walk right into the study.

"Young Master Ronstine, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" Baron Landcaster was very polite to Able, that was because his family was a family of magic knights that stood at a higher standing than himself. Able gazed at the middle-aged man, his slicked-back golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes really matched Rei's. He had a muscular build which meant he did take very good care of himself. He sat with his hands folded together in front of a rosewood desk. The ink quill's that sat on the table feathers fluttered in the breeze.

Able gulped a mouth full of saliva, mustered up all of his courage, straightened his back, and in a serious tone said: "I wish to propose marriage to your daughter Rei Lancaster!"

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