1 Chapter 1

Enchanted Star Realm

Cold. Why is it cold?

A young man about fifteen in age thought to himself. He's mind was in a mess and his memories were all jumbled together. The young man can feel his whole body aching except for the cool sensation on his forehead. It feels like some sort of soft fabric that was dipped in a cold water was being gently pressed on his forehead. It was the only source of comfort to his hurt and weak body

The young man groaned in pain as his messy memories started coming back to him. It felt like his brain would explode at any moment due to how many the memories were. The man ignored the pain and started feeling and sensing his body. He sensed a familiar black colored energy inside him that was too weak and impure that he shouldn't have.

He doesn't have time to check things out and decided to control the pitiful amount of those energies to travel through his head and help him to easily absorb the massive amount of memories from bombarding his brain. The pain subsided and he stopped receiving the memories like a raging ocean, he stored it for the time being and it will slowly be remembered by his brain

The young man slowly opened his eyes with difficulty and was blinded by an unknown source of light. However, the young man ignored the pain on his eyes to look at something that shouldn't be possible

He put all of his strength into opening his eyes but the sight in front of him was still the same

"Is this an illusion? If it is, I think I don't want to wake up ever again"

In front of him was that familiar yet unfamiliar blue haired and eyed young man who was looking at him with worry. The man was also around his own age and maybe a little younger by him. The concern on the man's eyes was something that he missed so much that he is willing to abandon everything he has to just see a glimpse of it once again

"Young Master Calter, are you okay?" The younger kid called and Calter can't believe what is happening. Despite the weakness on his body he still forcefully lift up his hand to touch and see if the person in front of him is true and not an illusion

Calter touched the other man on his face and the sensation of touching a flesh with your own can be felt by his fingers. The body heat that was transmitted from the man's face to Calter's fingers were too real that it didn't seem to be an illusion

"K-Kence" Calter called out the name of the man in front of him with mixed and complicated emotions. His eyes started getting watery and any moment it can fall out from his eyes. "Y-Young Master w-what happened? Are you still feeling hurt?"

Calter looked straightly at Kence's eyes and he can see the innocence, love, and concern from his eyes. He was enchanted by Kence's eyes that he didn't saw for so long

"Am I dead? Is this a dream or an illusion?" What's happening should be one of those but there was a big part of him that is hoping this was possible

Kence shouldn't be here in front of him as he died years ago. This was not the first time that Calter dreamed of Kence but the look on his eyes and the heat coming from him cannot be replicated. It can't be this too real

"W-what's wrong Young Master? Should I call a healer?" Kence stood up and was about to exit the room to call a doctor but a hand pulled him down and embraced him tightly

Kence can feel warm droplets of water dripping on his shoulder and was shock by the movement of Calter's chest. The man was breathing heavily while his body was shaking a bit and he looks like he was crying

Kence patted Calter on his back to try to comfort him but it did the opposite. The surreal feeling of Kence comforting him like he always does made Calter to become even more unwilling for this to become a dream or an illusion. Calter silently cried harder and he was willing to do everything and anything to make this moment real. "Please don't cry Young Master, what can I do to make you feel better? Say it to me please"

The thought of making 'his' Kence worry brought back Calter to his senses. He silently wiped his tears away before letting Kence go. Calter's pitch black eyes looked straightly at Kence's blue ones and it made the latter to become extremely uncomfortable. Kence looked at the side as he can't take looking at Calter straight to his eyes

His milky white skin gained a tinge of red from embarrassment. "Tell me, are you real? Please be real" Calter said in a desperate tone that made Kence to knit his eyebrows in confusion. "I-I don't think I get what you were saying, Young Master"

Kence tilted his head to the side while confusion was written all over his face. Calter hold Kence's face again with his hand and squeezed it a bit. The sensation of the soft moist flesh on his hand made a certain fire to be ignited inside him and he gulped down hard. The innocence from Kence's eyes just made the fire to burn more fiercely

"What is the date today?" Calter's actions today were weird but he was still his Young Master and Kence replied even if he was confuse. "August 7th?" The answer came out like a question as he didn't know why his Young Master will ask something like this

"What year?" Calter asked and Kence was filled with even more confusion. "Year 9,000 of the New Magic Calendar"

Kence's words were like a bomb that exploded right into Calter's mind

August 7 Year 9,000

Those words were repeated inside Calter and he can't believe what is happening now. This was the date a few months before Kence's death and also the first week since the new class started in Hale's Academy of Magic

Just remembering Kence's death gave Calter an overwhelming amount of anger, not only to the killer but also to his own uselessness. Calter was a good for nothing trash in a declining Baron Clan. It should be him that's going to stabilize the condition of his Clan but he was instead a weak and pathetic young man

His parents already lose hope on him and already accepted that their clan would continue to decline until their Nobility Title would be taken from them. It was also his fault that Kence died, if he wasn't a jerk and angered a higher Nobility, the Noble wouldn't kill his servant

That servant was precisely Kence, a kid that their clan brought since he was young to become Calter's servant. Kence is always there for him and no matter what other people will say, Kence was always there to comfort and make him feel that he is loved. Without him knowing, he actually fell in love with his servant but he only realized that when it was too late

After Kence died, Calter was full of anger and pursued magic for his revenge. If only he did that from the start, perhaps Kence wouldn't die and he won't be in his position right now

The reason his body was hurt was because he was fooled to accept a Magic Duel when he can only barely use any magic. The end result was not a surprise and he got beaten up badly

"Young Master, what happened? Why did you become quiet?" Calter came back to his senses because of Kence's angelic voice. He pulled the younger man to his bed and get on top of him while staring at those innocent icy blue eyes. "Y-young master?" Kence blinked his eyes dumbly at the sudden turn of event and he didn't know what to do

Calter's actions made his body to hurt more but from all the things he went through this bit of pain was nothing. "From now on I want you to call me by my name, got it?" Calter said while stroking Kence's icy blue hair

The younger man can't help but let out a comfortable and satisfied moan. The fire burned inside Calter again but he forcefully suppressed it. He was 100% sure that Kence didn't moan to seduce him but its just that the he was feeling very comfortable from his stroking

"Did you understand what I said?"

Kence's complex emotions were written all over his face. "I-I can't, you are my young master, that would be inappropriate" Kence said while shaking his head

Calter's face darkened and he inched closer to Kence's face causing the latter to bury his body deeper on the bed. "I want you to call me by my name, that's an order"

"B-but I can't.... I'm sorry, Young Master. I'm useless!" Tears fell down from Kence's eyes and  Calter immediately panicked

"Sshh. Don't cry, don't cry. Sorry to make you afraid" Calter wiped the tears using his hand but Kence won't stop crying. "I'm sorry okay? You don't have to call me by my name just don't call me Young Master"

He don't want to treat Kence as his servant, he intended to make him his 'husband' someday and changing the way Kence call him was a good start. Too bad, Kence wouldn't agree from the fear that the Clan Members would get angry at a servant calling the Young Master on his name

"T-then.... I-I'll call you B-Big Brother" Calter's face darkened

'Are you treating me like an older brother? Hmph! Let's see about that on the future!' Calter thought angrily but he still gritted his teeth and answered "fine!"

"Is your body okay now Big Brother? Should I call a healer or get a medicine?" Calter sat on Kence's side before answering

"Don't worry, I'm fine now" Kence looked at his body in doubt. Even if Calter was still injured, he don't want to make Kence worry. "I'm serious, I'm fine now okay?"

Kence was still in doubt but since the Young Master said he was fine now then he can't do anything. "Okay, I'll cook you dinner. Wait for me here!" Kence said before hastily leaving the room to cook

Calter looked outside his window and saw the moon was already up there in the sky and it was only bright in his room because of the magic lightbulb on top of his room. He walked towards the switch of the lightbulb and turned it off to let darkness descend on his room

He decided to cultivate for now to recover from his injuries. The world was filled with mana that can be use to activate powerful magics. As he has the most affinity to darkness type mana it was easier for him to absorb dark type manas and the rate of absorbtion was faster if the place is dark. This doesn't mean that he can't use other kinds of magics but the efficiency and strength would be inferior than when he use dark magic

Black colored particles of mana was greedily absorbed by his body like a sponge absorbing water. He circulated the mana to his body to recover from his injuries. As darkness type mana was unlike the nature, light or water type that has great healing capabilities the rate of recovery was lower in comparison

Even then, his mana control is top-notch and in just about a bit more than thirty minutes his body was already almost recovered. He opened the lights again in case Kence enter his room. He don't want to freak him out when he saw the lights were off

After almost 5 minutes Kence knocked on his door. "Come in" Calter said and Kence entered his room while holding a tray filled with soup. "Young Ma--"

Seeing Calter's glare Kence immediately shut his mouth and stopped calling Calter as Young Master. "Ahem um, B-Big B-Brother here's your meal"

Kence put the tray on Calter's bed to let him eat. "Join me, I want you to eat with me" Calter almost salivated. Although it was just a simple soup but he hasn't eaten any food that Kence made for years. He can't wait to eat it now. Kence naturally refused that forced Calter to give Kence an order to eat with him even though he didn't want to

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