134 Chapter 134: Whipped

The moon shone even brighter than before as if it wants to add more romance to the atmosphere between the two lovers. It was just a short kiss without many movements, their lips just literally touched each other but the impact of it on them was magical

After a few seconds, the two pulled away from each other a bit before resting their foreheads together "So?" Krad asked expectantly and with their close proximity, the other man can feel his breath

"So what?" Noom's teasing side appeared again much to Krad's annoyance. Krad moved away and flicked Noom's forehead lightly. "Why are you always ruining the moment?" Krad asked with an exasperated breath

Noom just averted his gaze and picked up another sandwich to eat. "Are you afraid?" Krad asked a different question and this cause Noom's body to stiffen

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