130 Chapter 130: Emily's Evil Plan

In all these months, Kence gained greater fighting skills. Even his spell casting speed was only below Calter. One can say that in the entire Soaring Magic City and even the surrounding weaker cities, these two are the most talented mages

Kence just finished defending from the stone bullets but he waved his wand again and ice formed in front of him that blocked a fire spell

As this shield was made in a hasty manner, it wasn't able to fully block the fire spell. But Kence knew this and he already moved away from the shield that he made

Kence's eyes flashed with an icy blue light. He might be outnumbered but his spell casting speed is simply too fast than the others

Kence pointed his wand at himself and activated a speed-boosting spell. The two attacked him again but he dodges one with the help of the speed-boosting spell and he blocks the other using another spell

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