1 Beginning

Narrator: (Dense darkness) I have believed all my life that good always over comes evil at the end no matter how impossible it looked. But I was wrong... (A cave with blue lights coming from its cracked walls and a half dead body lying belly flat near a cliff at a distance comes into view) Good failed and Evil won, this is the end of my story(The image of the body gets nearer) I have failed in my quest... (The hands of the body could now be seen as green blood slowly dripped down his fingers into the cliff and the cave starts rumbling)... and my planet has ended (A city comes into viewing and there is a loud alarm throughout the city with a lot of cries from every corner. The city in the sky facing the down ward city starts falling and squeezing with the down ward city accompanied with explosions from everywhere destroying the everything. There was one being standing tall above the destruction watching with gladness.) There is no more hope it's a dead end!.....

(2 months earlier)

Wu woke up tired and unaware of his ringing alarm clock that has been ringing for than 2 hours. He raised himself up and sat upright on his messy bed, whipped the saliva on his face and looked at the sorcerer'stask force wallpaper on the wall opposite his bed (the only neat place in his room) them became aware of the alarm, he switched it off but it didn't stop, he tried again it still didn't stop so he rudely threw it out of the window. He sensed smoke coming into his room and remembered that he had not finished cooking before he slept off the night before, he rushed out of his room covering his nose as the whole apartment was filled with smoke, the fire control system in his apartment was able insure that there was only smoke all night long. He was able to make it to the kitchen and switched off his cooker, the smoke was too much he decided to use his magic to remove all the smoke. He stretched out his arm and closed his eyes for awhile then snapped his fingers (Boom) the whole place explodes.

Han, Wu's Elder brother worked into the apartment suited up in his sorcerer'stask force uniform just after the explosion and quickly used his magic to make the fire go away. Wu still laid down unconscious with charcoal all over his body, Han ran to Wu and found out that he is still alive so he rubbed his hands together and placed it on Wu's chest and a shock raised him up. "Hey.... Bro... " said Wu after fully regaining himself. "You almost got yourself killed again!" Han said angry. "I was only trying to take away the smoke " "And you created flame and almost killed yourself" "It's not my fault that my magic always goes wrong " "I'm not arguing with you now I'm almost late for work but I have to go drop you at work " "I hate that job... I want to be in sorcerer'stask force just like you" "It isn't a job for you it's too dangerous and trust me it's better for you to stay with your current job" "Come on men... You tell me this all the time. Why wouldn't they accept me into the force, I have ready applied to five different states but still they turned me down. Besides I'm very go with karate, Kung Fu and sword...." Han bursts into laughter. "What's so funny? " "The things you called no longer matters anymore, physical combat is of no use anymore. And what just happened here is the reason you can never enter the force. Now get ready for work " "I have got to clean up the mess so I won't be able to go to work today. ." "Stand back " Han brings out hexes from his hands and they filled the whole messed up apartment and in no time the apartment was new again. "Thanks, but I still have to go take a shower and that will take about 2 hour so bye.... I don't want you to be late cause of me" "You don't have to go take your bath or change clothes, I can do that for you" "Thank you but no I like it the good old fashion way which is with soap and wat....." Han made hexes to cover him and he looked cleaned and washed on his genitor uniform " How can we get going? " "No you don't do that without my permissi...." Han whistles. "....No you don't dare call that in here" "What you scared of little MOPA? " The ground molecules starts moving abnormally, the ground ripples and a large mammal like creature jumps out breaking the ceiling and spitting out its sticky saliva which landed on Wu "This is why I don't want him in here" "Come on let's go" Han said Wu clamped on as the saliva fell off and MOPA's eyes shorn green and the molecules on the wall in front of them started moving abnormally and MOPA raised into the air and ran in then the wall because normal again.

They went into a dimension of infinite space, Han had an emergency call and he touched MOPA on the head, it understood and turned it's direction. "What's wrong? " Wu asked clueless of what was going on. " There as been an attack at the bank of artifacts " "Cool I get to see the force in action going against real bad guys" Wu said excited. MOPA's eyes shorn again and they entered a new environment. "Whoa the sky is red..." Wu said "It's not a sky... They are hex bombs! " Exclaimed Han and immediately one crashes towards them MOPA moves out of harms way as more came falling from different places. A very large Hex bomb crashed towards them MOPA wasn't fast enough and so Han stood on MOPA and Wu looked at him amused as he used his hex to direct the bomb to another direction shouting distinctly. He fell back on Wu a little weak, they saw the task force fighting the attackers at afar, Han used his hex to see through the whole perimeter and saw the lead of the attackers going into the bank. He was able to land MOPA in a safe ground opposite the bank, Wu wantted going to fight with him but he refused and instead told MOPA to take him to work and MOPA quickly used it's tail to lift him into its back and ran into the next available wall.

Wu had never driven a creature before cause he doesn't have one (the only one who doesn't have). Wu looked around MOPA thinking of how to make it change its mind. He then observed that it was trying to scratch its fat cheer but couldn't so it just waggled its head, Wu decided to give a little hand by helping it scratch its cheek and used the opportunity to make it go back to Han. They arrived back at the environment and saw that the sorcerer'stask force was Winning the battle, Wu was so scared when a loud noise came from the bank as the large building was torn into half, he feared for his brother as he saw his brother engaging in a brutal fights with his opponent, he wanted to help and so tried making a hex, he stood on MOPA and tried bringing out an hex, he had succeeded and aimed at his brother's opponent but couldn't fire, it was like it was stock on his hands but it was growing bigger, he tried until when he least expected it the hex left his hands and went straight to the bank and exploded affecting his brother instead, Wu was devastated and he's brother's opponent was surprised but still took the advantage, his dark energy attracted particles from the broken walls and used his hands to make the unconscious Han float a little above the ground and was read to stab his heart, he stroke and immediately Wu crashed down from the roof taking the spear for his brother.

They both fell down and Wu struggled in pain, Han's opponent looked surprised but was still going to stick again but the sorcerer'stask force came to the rescue shooting their hexes at him so he picked up what he came to get and there was a thick flash of darkness and he was no where to be found. Wu crawled to his brother as the sorcerer'stask force came closer before he passed out.