Magic Trick [BL]
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Magic Trick [BL]


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What is Magic Trick [BL]

Read Magic Trick [BL] novel written by the author JazzBerryJam on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, action, adventure, comedy, modern. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


I'm Trick and I'm a mortal who meets a cute guy named Fei Xing in my boring day job as a barista, and surprisingly, he's a sorcerer. He's gonna turn me into one of them, but the only way to become one is to drink his... man-juice. --- Hey, sweets! JazzBerryJam here! :3 Let's talk about this story on Discord! Username: JazzBerryJam #3870 [Characters on the cover are from The King of Fighters.] [Participating in WN Spirity Spring Awards 2021]

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“Currently reading this”. The writing is masterpiece and very catchy. An interesting and righteous novel about Family, love and sorcery. Absolutely addicting storyline with a solid plot and lovable characters. Kuddos to the author 💚💚💚


I like the different types of magic. . . Not just focused on elements like fire, water, electric, ice. . . There are also illusions. . . Time-bending. . . Teleportation. . . There are also witches and sorcerers but it's totally different from Harry Potter. . . More updates, please. . . Thank you, author. . .


Sorry, I wrote wrong review before because I open too many tabs 😔 This story is well written. It developed at right pace, not too slow, not to fast. I enjoyed reading the conversations. They're fun! Good job! [img=recommend]


When the tag says slow burn... slow burn in be scene. But I give you that Fei. Your a master in seduction. And Ellis is my man. I just hope I was there, too. We could share that popcorn. LOL




Hey author! I hope everything is going great for you. ✨I read your book and by far it’s one of the greatest works I’ve read here on Wattpad. I loved all the complexity in your characters and the way you set up your scenes. I think you are an amazing writer. 😍 You have such a way with words, and I love your writing style. Literally cannot wait to read more! If you ever have any free time, you should check out my new novel UnderHerSkin. I think you would really enjoy reading it. But if you don’t have time, I totally understand! Best of luck reading & writing!! This message turned out longer than I thought, but have a wonderful day!!!❤️❤️❤️




I love how the story started and progressed. The author has done a good job building characters. As a fan of LGBT stories, I recommend this to everyone to read. Can't wait to see the next update.


Hey, sweets! JazzBerryJam here! Shameless review from moi. :) I've written a fantasy novel before, and a BL story too, but a BL-Fantasy book? That's quite a challenge, especially it's in English. (Most stories I've written are in my native language.) I'm really looking forward to all of your remarks (and gifts, please!) on this novel. All are welcome, so please don't be shy! I know there are silent readers here who are keeping their thoughts to themselves. Don't worry, sweets! I got you! ^_^ Thanks a lot, all! :3


I jumped into this with no expectations, and was greatly surprised honestly. It's a very intriguing start for the story, and I'm more than curious to read what happens next. Honestly, AMAZING job!!


Narration: Decent and immersive Worldbuilding: Vast and detailed Character development: Nice and steady Character design: Outstanding Dialogues: Realistic and Lifelike Pacing: Not fast nor too slow Writing quality: Magnificent Execution of the Genre: Good pitch Story potential: High Updating Stability: Steady This is my review! Hope you like it! 😉


I AM ALREADY IN LOVE WITH FEI!!!! Trick is also a cool character, seems confused about all the magic stuff but that's because he's new to it. I can tell he will be a great sorcerer someday! I am excited what's gonna happen to all of them omgggggg [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Read this if you like: sweet and spicy noodles, cause this is like the story version of that. Sweet, cute, but sometimes spicy and hot. Do you like gush-worthy male leads? That is also here. Humorous, always surprising, and never boring. Read it now!


Is there a meeting here for Fujoshis and Fudanshis? LOL I'm here because of the BL and romance tag. I'm waiting for the r-18 side. WHERE IS IT, author? WHERE!! lol


Why am I here? Oh because it's a BL~ I can smell my own kind~ Fujoshi unite~~!! Aside from that, this novel is not a novel... This is Flirting 101 book~ LOL Why does Fei so flirty~~!! come on now, Trick, give in to Fei~~~


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